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    2.    CHINESE 丨  ENGLISH
          Zhangjiakou Times Rubber Products Corp.Ltd. of is one of the subsidiary companies controlled by Zhangjiakou Hongji Industry Group. Founded in 1958, it is a designated rubber seals manufacture by Railway Ministry, Coal Industry Ministry and Chemical Industry Ministry.

      Situated at Zhangjiakou Industrial Cluster Zone, it covers 113,000㎡ with 23,000㎡ of construction area. Besides introducing intelligent and whole staff training, possessing completed testing and inspecting equipment and newest machinery, the company insists on improving its administration and quality control continually and ...                          More>>

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      Products for Railway
      Products for Automobile
      Products for Wind Electricity Industry
      Other Rubber Products
        電話(TEL): 0086 313 5805850

        傳真(FAX): 0086 313 5805700

        地址(ADD): Zhang jiakou Industrial
                      Cluster Zone


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       Bub-type O…

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       O-Type Rub…

       SKF INTEGR…

       353130B OI…

       352226 SEA…

       30t HEAVY-…

       RUBBER OIL…

      Copyright :Zhangjiakou Times Rubber Products Corp.Ltd.  
      TEL:0086 313 5805850 FAX:0086 313 5805700 ADDRESS:Industrial Cluster Zone Zhangjiakou City Hebei Province , P.R.China